STEREK AU: Derek returns to Beacon Hills during a huge fight and gets badly hurt. Stiles goes to Derek’s place to make sure he’s alright and for answers. Inspired by this fic by lielabell.

"Why did you come back?" Stiles demanded as he stormed into the loft.

Derek had been gone for five months, two weeks and three days. Stiles had counted.

He had also thought that he and Derek had something. Isaac and Scott had been angry that Derek had left Beacon Hills.

Stiles was angry that Derek had left him.

Derek sat on the foot of his bed, his eyes trained on the floor and his lips were tight around his mouth as he scowled.

"Hello?" Stiles said angrily, walking closer to the bed. "You’ve been gone for five months and you just decided that the best way to make a reappearance was in the middle of huge fight with witches? We were doing fine without you." Stiles’s fist were tight at his sides. "I-I was doing fine without you."

Stiles watched as Derek tensed, his bruised shoulders stiffening. Silence settled between them.

"Well?" Stiles’s hands were shaking at his sides now. He took a calming breath. He couldn’t let Derek have this much control over him. "Are you going to say something?”

Derek shifted on the bed, his eyes still trained on the floor. “I came back for you.” He took a deep breath. “I couldn’t let you go on thinking that what we were didn’t matter. That you didn’t matter. Because it did.” Derek paused. “You do.” 

Stiles could hear his heart beating in his ears as he released a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. He unclenched his fists before sticking his hands in his pockets. 

"Derek." Stiles said softly. Derek’s head lifted slowly and for the first time that night, their eyes connected. Stiles felt warmth spread throughout his stomach and his cheeks flush. "You’re an idiot."

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