sterek au: after the extensive mental stress from 3b, stiles falls into a coma for a week and derek is the one who’s with him when he wakes up

He’d almost missed it.

Derek had been in the hospital every day for a week for as long as Melissa would allow before sending him home to get rest. He was pretty sure that the chair he’d been sitting in was now permanently shaped after his butt.

There was something so off-putting about seeing Stiles so still for so long. Derek was used to the flailing limbs and clumsy movements. What was even weirder was going so long without hearing Stiles’s voice.

He never thought there would be a day where he’d say that.

There was no one to call him a “dumb ass”. There was no one making consistent wolf-dog jokes.

There was no one talking to Derek.


That wasn’t true.

There wasn’t a Stiles talking to Derek.

He couldn’t tell you when it happened, when he fell in love with Stiles. He’d been sitting at Stiles’s bedside trying to figure it out for the past week.

When had this human become the center of his universe?

Derek almost missed it.

A slight groan that stirred him from his thoughts. Derek’s eyebrows shot over to Stiles’s face as he watched Stiles finally start to wake.

“Stiles?” Derek asked immediately, jumping out of his chair and leaning over Stiles protectively.

Stiles shifted a moment as his mouth moved before his eyes could even open.

“Hey Sourwolf.” His voice was raspy and Derek barely heard it. But he had heard it. Stiles’s eyes slowly fluttered open and Stiles glanced around his surroundings briefly before his eyes rested on Derek. His lips lifted slightly in small smile. “You miss me?”

Relief hit him like a two-ton brick in the stomach.

Derek released a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding as he fell onto Stiles, resting his head against Stiles’s abdomen. He inhaled deeply as Stiles lifted a hand and ran his hand over Derek’s hair, stroking it kindly.

Derek sighed before looking back at Stiles. “You have no idea.”

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